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Welcome to our Blog page – the perfect place to find out and get excited about the prospect of modernising your space with beautiful bespoke technology. Here, we showcase all our amazing past projects, each one unique with its own bespoke design.

TSR Electrical Group can make your house smart, safe, energy-efficient, and tailored to your unique lifestyle. With modern Smart Home solutions, welcome to the future of home life. Our speciality is creating custom systems that are incredibly simple to operate by seamlessly connecting all of your smart devices.

 Keypads, touchscreens, or an easy-to-use app can now be used to smoothly automate or control every aspect of your house. You’ll gain important time-saving benefits from a well-designed home automation system. As you leave your home, imagine having a “Goodbye” button that, with a single press, switches off all lights, and AV equipment, and sets the intruder alarm.

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