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Smart Home

Experience the future of smart living

TSR Electrical Group can make your house smart, safe, energy-efficient, and tailored to your unique lifestyle. With modern Smart Home solutions, welcome to the future of home life. Our speciality is creating custom systems that are incredibly simple to operate by seamlessly connecting all of your smart devices.

 Keypads, touchscreens, or an easy-to-use app can now be used to smoothly automate or control every aspect of your house. You’ll gain important time-saving benefits from a well-designed home automation system. As you leave your home, imagine having a “Goodbye” button that, with a single press, switches off all lights, and AV equipment, and sets the intruder alarm.

Smart Lighting

By designing ideal lighting scenes that blend numerous light sources, each individually adjustable to obtain the perfect light level, we can completely transform your living areas. Dynamic lighting, such as colour-changing or circadian lighting, may create the ideal atmosphere and adjust to the available natural light for a cosy living space. Lighting can be automated by motion sensors, assuring energy efficiency by turning off lights in unoccupied rooms.


Intelligent automation of blinds or curtains contributes to temperature control, ensuring warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer, thus reducing your energy expenses. Moreover, preset schedules linked to sunset and sunrise not only save you the effort of manually operating blinds and curtains but also enhance energy efficiency.

Cinema Rooms

Immerse yourself in your very own home cinema. With Dolby Atmos surround sound, 4K laser projection, plush seats, and acoustic wall treatments, we design and build custom, luxurious home theatres.

Media Rooms

Our media rooms seamlessly integrate into your existing living spaces, offering standalone functionality without compromising your room's interior design. We offer covert solutions that include motorised projector lifts, invisible speakers, and concealed projector screens, ensuring a discreet yet immersive media experience. Additionally, we can design and construct customised media walls to meet your unique requirements.

Wifi & Data Networks

Whether you're looking to stream HD video, play online games, or control your smart home devices remotely, TSR Electrical Group can help you create a Wi-Fi and data network that meets your specific needs. Our team of experts will work with you to assess your coverage requirements and recommend the best solution for your home.

Multi-room Audio

At TSR Electrical Group, we specialize in designing and installing lateset multi-room audio systems that seamlessly connect all your speakers and streaming devices. We understand that a reliable and fast Wi-Fi and data network is essential for any multi-room audio system. That's why we work closely with our clients to assess their needs and design a custom network that meets their specific requirements.


Our security solutions seamlessly integrate with your new or current home automation system, From intruder alarms and CCTV to door access systems, you can monitor your security and receive alerts from anywhere in the world.

Climate Control

Your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems are seamlessly connected by our home automation system to enhance energy efficiency and maintain the ideal temperature in each space.
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